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Tshedza an Investment Partner

At the beginning of 2009 it was decided that TSHEDZA would pursue an active investment agenda with the aim of creating a pool of resources to ensure that member programmes initiated by the Trust would be sustained into the future. Tshedza is in the process of establishing itself in the private equity space, by securing minority shares in business’s that can be further enhanced through Tshedza’a strategic skills set and relationship networks. In realising this investment value - The Trust relies on the experience and backgrounds of its Trustees, Management and Executive appointees.

In accordance with its mandate TSHEDZA will generate income from investment and other sources through including but not exclusively NEHAWU INVESTMENT HOLDINGS [NIH] and ensure that all investments including the acquisition of shares in any public or private companies, the purchase of any property and any other investments that may be made, for and on behalf of the beneficiary by any person, company or other corporate body, shall be made in accordance with the values and principles set out in the beneficiary’s constitution and the beneficiary’s Investment Code of Conduct.

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